Kamikaze War Server

Rules. - (English)   日本語版

You have to obey these rules below in the Kamikaze-Server.

(1) Do not use a Hacked client, or Unfair MOD/Client/Resource Packs.

  • Mods which affect your gameplay in the server are prohibited, usually.
  • However, mods which needs for smooth game playing (Optifine, Language mod, Minecraft Forge, etc... ) are specialy allowed.
  • Just refering like "I'm using cheat." will be punished even if they are not using. So be careful.

  • (2) Do not refer about a presentcheater.

  • (This is because, the cheater might stop using Hack/Cheat because of your chat.
    So we are possibility miss punishing the violator properly.
    But you can report them by typing command [ /report <content> ] .
    So you shouldn't publish anything about them, please report us.

  • (3) Do not do a "Bad behavior" in a PVP area. (Respawn-Kill, Quitting, etc...)

    The "Bad behavior in PVP area" are as follows.

  • Using charactor skin that are camouflaging Minecraft blocks. (Grass, StoneBricks, etc...)
  • Closing to the oppnent's base, and trying to keep killing them.
                (We, in this server call it Respawn-Kill)
  • Switching to winning team on purpose.
  • Any Farming action.
  • Quitting server during PVP on purpose. (Quitting, Combat-Logging [out])
  • Some bad action that is not written here, however majority of admins think or consider not good.

  • Those prohibited acts might be added if necessary.

    (4) Griefing/Stealing in Bulding-Area are banned.

  • It is mostly same with a common Minecraft survival server.

  • (5) Do not use languages expecting Japanese or English.

  • It means you can use only Japanese or English in Kamikaze Server. Who uses Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, etc, in the server will be muted temporary or permanently.
    Because some player often makes extra argument about the words that are unfamiliar for them, so they are banned by server rules... Not a Rasism, please use English or a Translator.)

  • (6) Do not use any client-side/server-side issues. (Climing over walls using block-lag, etc... )

  • Climbing a wall using blocks and lag.
  • Avoiding auto afk-logout using something.

  • (7) Some non-sense act that were not written above.

    The "non-sense act" are as follows.

  • Bad remarks such as "F-words" , the four-letter-words.
  • Advertising other multiplay server, game, or something in the chat.
  • Publishing Server Address on video-sharing sites (such as Youtube), or SNS service (such as twitter, Facebook , or).
    But, this web site, and the server page on minecraft.jp are allowed to paste the server address on. Because some people might connect directly without reading these rules.
  • Nazi related skin, words, or structure in the server. (GlobalBAN)
  • Sending sexual remarks or direct link into the chat.
  • Sending direct URL link to shocking web site, into the chat.
  • Excessive stalking other player.(without permission)
  • Dos/DDos attacking.

  • (8) A action that majority of admins think or consider not good.


    You will be punished if your bad action were found. The Punishment is following the rules on http://www.mcbans.com/. In Global Ban, You can "dispute" on http://www.mcbans.com/ if you have an objection, or you think it is wrongly banned. Please send it in 60 days from the date of BAN when you do dispute.
    And in Local Ban, please contact us by e-mail [email protected]」, or Skype 「kmkzws」 within 30 days from the date of BAN if you have objections or.


    Those Server rules can be changed as necessary without a previous notice.
    ( Last update: 2016/05/27 )